Finding a skilled massage therapist when you need one can be a real pain. Web search results often don’t show small local massage therapy businesses. If you do find one, often you’ll be unable to book your massage online. What if you had a way to easily find and book a massage professional near you that had just the skills your aching body needed?  We found just a solution that makes it incredibly easy to get the relief you’re looking for when and where you need it.


What is MassageBook?

For consumers, MassageBook simplifies the process of finding and booking a massage online.   For the massage therapist and bodyworker, MassageBook is a complete software solution to managing a successful massage practice.

Who is MassageBook aimed at? Who is the target user?

The MassageBook app is currently focused on helping massage therapists mange their day to day schedules. While the desktop version offers every feature, the mobile app includes the ability to manage schedules, make new appointments, and check out clients with an integrated payments solution.

Why did you build MassageBook?

Massage therapists, on the whole, love helping others feel better, but lack the business experience and training needed to succeed in a competitive marketplace. MassageBook is a distillation of everything I’ve learned as a massage therapist and from founding and growing Massage Warehouse into the leading reseller of massage supplies.

I chose to build MassageBook to help the thousands of independent massage therapists grow their businesses and be able to support themselves doing what they love.

How is your product different from what is currently available?

We’re 100% focused on meeting the needs of massage therapists and helping the professional massage therapy profession grow.  Our software supports the unusual working relationships and scheduling needs many therapists have, and offers features like massage SOAP notes that are again focused on a single market.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

I’m a big believer in massage improving the lives of people. I want to see more people getting massage more often. I think the benefits of massage therapy to individuals and the physical and mental health benefits for society at large are profound. I have an “aha” moment every time I get off my massage therapist’s table.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Mark Volkmann – Founder, CEO
James Tetler –  CTO
Wyatt Bricca – Project Manager
Rachel Wallace – Support Manager

Mark has a history of starting companies, including Massage Warehouse and InnoLabs

What’s the next step? What are your short-term goals?

We have a solid base of massage therapists using our platform now, and a solid team in place. It’s time to start marketing our solution to find massage therapy professionals to the massage seeking public.  Ultimately we see the MassageBook platform being the way that people search and book massage wherever they are. Now I have a question for you: You just landed in Boston after a long flight and your back and neck are a mess. What do you do?

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