Picky Pint: Never Order a Bad Beer Again

   Picking out a good beer from a beer list is a hard thing to do. Often there is little more than a vague description: "full-bodied," or "super dark." Sure, you can ask the waiter/waitress, but the answer will be based 100% on their palate. Ah, but we just came across a great app that helps [...]

SlidePick: Organize Your Photos Quickly and Easily

   With the huge amount of pictures that we take with mobile devices, organizing them can be a real pain. There are just too many photos. However, we just came across an app that makes in incredibly easy to organize all these photos: SlidePick. We had a chance to ask the team a few questions [...]

Winkli Adds Context to Events

  There are a ton of different event apps and services out there. However, many fall short in a few different areas. One of the biggest of these shortfalls is a lack of context concerning the attendees. Well,we just came across a new app that helps add some of this context: Winkli. The team was [...]

Fingr: A Unique New Location Based Discussion App

  We just came across a really interesting new app: Fingr. Fingr is unlike anything I have ever seen. Essentially, it is a forum/chat app that is centered around physical locations. We had a chance to ask the developers a few questions about their new app: Fingr What is Fingr? Fingr is the supreme mobile [...]

Circle Launches Virtual Currency Wallet

On Monday, after months of speculation, Circle finally opened its Bitcoin service to the world. The goal of the initial launch, as outlined by the company's CEO Jeremy Allaire, includes: Create an experience that is fast, beautiful, and enjoyable to use. Online banking applications stink. We wanted an elegant design aesthetic that would appeal to digital [...]

Can You Smell What Your Phone Is Cooking?

After missing their mark with Qblinks an extremely versatile remote control and notification center for your phone, the Qblinks team is back at it with a vengeance and a truly unique product. The iScent is a castle shaped product that's really a Bluetooth atomizer making it possible to smell your ring or notification tones. It [...]

Writers, Map Out Your Next Book On Your iPhone Using Write Plan

Startups, app developers and entrepreneurs have been disrupting the publishing industry quite a lot lately. New ways to publish books, like ScrewPulp, have made it so writers can get to market quickly and without the help of a major publishing house. These kinds of distribution startups are bringing an almost indie music renaissance to the [...]

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This Personal Inventory App Will Help You Fight Boredom

British developer Richard Gayton knows that there are quite a few personal inventory apps out there. However, his app "Sort My Stuff" puts an entirely new spin on personal inventory making it fun and, in some cases curing boredom. Gayton started developing "Sort My Stuff" because he had a problem buying duplicate offline media. He [...]

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Meet Eve & Adam Your Smart Irrigation System

In today's modern home there's a sensor, an app and a device for everything. You can brew coffee automatically, see who's at the front door, feed your dog, shut the blinds and even control your thermostat with a connected smart device. But what about your yard. Nathan Cauffman has developed a new smart irrigation system [...]

Mobile E-Card App Adds Audio And Video Messaging

For years I was a loyal user to Hallmark's e-card app. I was able to send Hoops & YoYo cards to everyone on my list for every occasion. They were big hits and quickly brought a smile to the faces of just about everyone I know. Well then the mobile boom came and I went [...]

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