MODDUO-topWe’ve seen time and time again how crowdfunding is fueling new technology products in the form of apps, wearables, smart devices, and electric vehicles. Recently we’ve seen how crowdfunding is effecting the music technology world as well.

Gianfranco Ceccolini, and his company Musical Operating Devices are doing for music pedals what the smartphone did for mobile phones, essentially making them smarter and limitless.

The world of computers, smartphones and tablets have provided so many new and unique tools with limitless configurations for musicians. The problem was that these software tools didn’t use familiar hardware. You could download a couple killer effects processors on the iPad and then put the iPad on a stand, swiping to activate and deactivate mid-song. But that takes the authenticity away from a true pedal and guitar and bass players who’ve been used to operating effects with their feet for decades.

ModDuoGraphicMusical Operating Devices, through their first product the MOD Quadra and now the new MOD Duo have created true pedals that are software controlled. The Mod Duo gives the artist access to a nearly endless supply of pedals and configurations for creating any sound they want.

Ceccolini said they built the MOD Duo with the “… best possible hardware, a robust software infrastructure and an open plugin standard, that’s both modern and flexible. Independent developers can create plugins and their own pedals.”

Making the MOD Duo the most flexible effects tool available for musicians. It’s not just for guitar players either, vocalists, woodwind instruments players even violinists have used the MOD Duo and come back with rave reviews.

The MOD Duo has a developer community already working around it on plugins and pedals. Hackers even have access to the MOD Duo’s Arduino Shield which allows them to create amazing peripherals and get incredibly creative. Hackers have made it so the fret board of a guitar becomes a whammy bar style trigger. They’ve even tested out rings that musicians can wear and change parameters. The possibilities are endless.

Musicians can even configure and load the MOD Duo for the way they want to use it and then use it on stage without a computer attached to it.

The company has been working on the MOD platform for four years now, and they’ve taken to Kickstarter to launch the MOD Duo. You can check it out here.