Big Things Do Come In Small Packages: The Lambert Small Wonder Audio System

It is no secret that we are huge fans of crowdfunding. In fact, that is probably our most used category. Anyhow, we just came across a unique new Indiegogo Campaign: Headphone Amp and Audio System, by the Lambert Company. It is unique for a number of reasons, all of which we will get to below, [...]

MOD Duo Is The Last Music Pedal You’ll Ever Need

We've seen time and time again how crowdfunding is fueling new technology products in the form of apps, wearables, smart devices, and electric vehicles. Recently we've seen how crowdfunding is effecting the music technology world as well. Gianfranco Ceccolini, and his company Musical Operating Devices are doing for music pedals what the smartphone did for [...]

Xiaomi Overtakes Samsung as Leading Smartphone Vendor in China

China has a new King. Samsung has been dethroned by Xiaomi as the leading smartphone vendor in China. What's more, Samsung also lost the top spot in India: Xiaomi Corp. became the largest smartphone vendor in China during the second quarter, while Micromax Informatics Ltd. topped Indian mobile-phone shipments, according to data from research firms [...]

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New Radical.FM Android App Gives You 25 Million Songs, You Pay What You Want

Radical.FM Music App Pandora, Spotify and Beats Music are by far the most popular streaming music apps out there. They all offer a robust catalog of music and have the ability to go premium on an ad-free, interruption free model. Now, online music platform is making it's way onto Android smartphones and tablets with [...]

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Google Announces Acquisition of Songza

Google Acquires Songza On Tuesday, Google announced that it had acquired Songza. Songza, if you haven't heard of them, offer a unique take on music streaming. Rather than using algorithms and similar artist mash-ups, Songza offers human curated playlists, based on various factors like time of the day, or mood, or location. It is a [...]

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Pelty: Bluetooth Speaker, Powered by Fire

Fire Powered Bluetooth Speaker Pelty There is no shortage of Bluetooth speakers available out there. Most do pretty much the same thing, in the same fashion. However, we just came across a new take on the Bluetooth speaker. The Pelty is not only one of the coolest Bluetooth speakers we have seen, but one of [...]

Soundslates: A Network to Connect Musicians

There is not really a social type network for finding music collaborators. Sure there is SoundCloud and Facebook, but there is not really a niche network to find people to play with. However, we just came across an interesting project: Soundslates. Soundslates is in the midst of an Indiegogo Campaign to fund their network. We [...]

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Uh Oh Could The Beats Apple Deal Be In Trouble?

May 8th the world was abuzz with what looked like the first billionaire hip hop artist, Dr.Dre. After performing on and producing multiple Grammy award winning records Dre was already celebrating his billionaire status not for his rhymes but for his Beats. May 8th was the day that multiple "reliable" sources reported to the likes [...]

Spotify Breaks 10 Million Paying Customers, Music Industry Wonders What’s Next.

Spotify, the marquee music streaming service, announced earlier this week that they've reached 10 million paying customers and 30 million free users per month. While that pales in comparison to the numbers of say Facebook's monthly active users, it's a huge signaling issue for the music industry and like minded streaming services The free service [...]

LyricFind Inks Big Deal With Universal Music Publishing Group

Thanks to the invention of smartphones, computers and websites, people don't often have to guess what the lyrics are to their favorite songs on the radio. One quick Google search and you can find the words to just about every song ever published. The problem is those lyrics come back from a variety of websites. [...]

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