MovPak1One thing we are passionate about here is electric vehicles. We love a good scooter, electric skateboard, electric snowboard or other personal electric vehicle.

Not only are electric vehicles fun to ride but they’re also very convenient, especially if they’re done right.

Ivo Machado the CMO and co-founder of a new company called Movpak, nails it when he talks about the last mile vehicle. But what is a last mile vehicle.

More and more people across the globe are taking to public transportation. As public transportation providers become more innovative and implement more game changing technologies they become more competitive, even against people’s own cars. Why spend $10 in gas per day and a major headache battling traffic and finding parking space, when you can take a bus, subway or train for a dollar or two.

Movpak2That’s a great proposition and one more people would take advantage of if it weren’t for one thing. The last mile.

In a lot of cases the quickest public transportation route from point A to point B involves a walk less than a mile. That’s the last mile. Scooters, roller blades, bicycles, skateboards and other personal vehicles are often used in that last mile. But attaching a bike to a bus is a pain in the butt, and roller blading was cool at 13, at 45 you look a little silly.

E-vehicles seem to be the way to go. From scooters to electric bikes and skateboards, e-vehicles give you the convenience of a personal vehicle without having to break a sweat. They can also be a lot of fun.

The four biggest drawbacks to electric vehicles are weight, storage, transportation and charging

  • Weight: How heavy is this personal electric vehicle. Am I going to pull a muscle carrying it on the bus, does it even fit on the bus?
  • Storage: When I get to my office will it fit in my coat closet, under my desk or credenza or neatly tucked away in a corner.
  • Transportation: How do I get the personal electric vehicle to that last mile destination
  • Charging: Can it conveniently charge out of the way in my office? Can it charge in quick enough time that I can use it again for my lunch break and afterwards.

Movpak solves every single one of those issues. Movpak may have just owned the last mile vehicle.

Movpak is a revolutionary new personal electric vehicle. It’s an electric skateboard at it’s core. It has a remote control that you hold in one hand like similar products from hooverboard and Marbel. It can weave you in and out of pedestrian traffic, take straightaways quickly and it’s a lot of fun to ride.

MovPak-infoBeyond that, Movpak is also a backpack. The skateboard folds up into a backpack so you can easily carry it with you on the bus, the train or in someone’s car. You can choose to carry the Movpak on your back like a backpack or carry it by utilizing two of the skateboard wheels as a wheelie backpack, and in that case you don’t even have to carry it.

It also has a full backpack as well with plenty of compartments for storing everything from your iPhone to your headphones, laptop and tablet. You can even throw in a change of clothes.

The Movpak is portable, flexible and even airport friendly. This means you can take Movpak as your carry on for a short trip and have an electric skateboard with all your things ready when you get to your destination. With Movpak you could easily save money on cab rides.

Movpak’s battery charges in just two hours giving the user a 9 mile range and the ability to travel at 15 mph. The battery in the Movpak can also be used to charge your portable electronics while you’re on the go.

The uber cool Movpack is available six fashionable colors and you can find out more here.