My CheckYesterday, MyCheck announced that they had begun a collaboration with PayPal. Through this collaboration, MyCheck’s mobile payment technology will be incorporated into PayPal’s mobile app. MyCheck has built a really unique mobile payment platform, aimed at restaurants and other businesses. The MyCheck platform provides users and businesses with a streamlined checkout process, allowing the users to view, split, and pay the bill and tip directly from any smartphone. MyCheck has been integrated into the UK PayPal app for around nine months already, and has seen a substantial amount of adoption and use.


MyCheck provides users a much quicker payment method than the traditional paper check. Essentially, MyCheck cuts the server/merchant out of the payment process so you never have to wait around for a check again:

In a full service restaurant, you can view your bill live and pay at anytime.  You can split the bill—evenly, by item, or by percentage— and add a tip, all while earning loyalty points and benefits.  Once you have electronically paid the bill, the server will see a “Paid” message on their Point-of-Sale system. If you’d like, you can also request an email receipt to be sent to your inbox.1


The major selling point for MyCheck, on the merchant/restaurant side, is the incredible flexibility of the app. MyCheck integrates directly with more than 25 Point-of-sale (POS) platforms, making it incredibly easy to implement. Further, MyCheck also provides, “significant value-added services for merchants, including loyalty and promotional programs and access to a real-time dashboard that provides analytics on MyCheck users.”2 By reducing turnaround time, and allowing the customer to manage their own payment, MyCheck provides merchants with a major time saving service, saving anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes on every table.

Currently, MyCheck is an available form of payment in some 3000 merchant locations worldwide. It will be interesting to see if this platform takes off through the PayPal collaboration.