T-Mobile,MLB, At BatIf you’re a baseball fan and a customer of fourth largest national wireless carrier T-Mobile, then you’re in luck

T-Mobile, who is celebrating some great news this week, is often finding creative ways to reward their customers. Earlier this year, in order to get new customers from other carriers, T-Mobile went as far as to pay their new customers early termination fees.

Just a few months ago T-Mobile treated some of their customers to a Macklemore concert.

Now, T-Mobile is back at it again in the fun and games department. The game, baseball. T-Mobile is a national sponsor of Major League Baseball and is also a major team sponsor for the Seattle Mariners, Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Minnesota Twins, Miami Marlins and the Tampa Bay Rays.

Because of their relationship with Major League Baseball T-Mobile gave away free access to the MLB At Bat app last year during the months of May and June. If a new customer signed up for At Bat during those months they received the service the entire season.

TMo-News reports that this year, it looks like T-Mobile is opening up the offer for the entire season. While T-Mobile told Tmonews to wait for an official word on the carrier’s newsroom site they did provide this statement:

As the official sponsor of Major League Baseball, we will be offering MLB At Bat 14 to our customers for free starting May 1 through the entire regular season! With our unlimited data and nationwide 4G LTE, you can enjoy all the great features MLB’s At Bat has to offer!”

So it’s definitely on and if you’re a baseball fan on T-Mobile you should go download the app right now.