ipnoe 6We just came across some new photos of what is purportedly some sort of dummy mock-up of the iPhone 6.1 These images show an incredibly thin device. There have been a bunch of recent leaks that show a much thinner iPhone than had been initially expected. The Nowwhereelse.fr, images line up with these recent leaks:

The leak above is, purportedly, a rendering of the iPhone 6 to help 3rd party case manufacturers design cases for the phone.2 UkranianiPhone has a strong track record – the website posted images of the iPad Mini well before its launch, and claims the above render is from the same source – so these can be assumed to be somewhat reliable.

Though we are still some time away from the official launch, the leaked images are becoming quite consistent. Although leaks and renderings are hardly a certainty, it seems safe to assume that the iPhone 6 will be much thinner and much larger than the current iPhone. Further, it looks as if the new iPhone will have a protruding camera element. As always, we will keep you updated as new info becomes available.

iphone 6

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