Sochi Curling

So I was watching the Curling coverage during the 2014 Sochi Olympics and realized that I had a very vague idea of what was actually going on. It’s like shuffleboard, but its not? I had no idea. So, I went on over to Google and found a few really illuminating infographics.

This first one, “The Basics of Curling,” from Smarter Every Day, is an excellent first stop. It sheds a little light on how the game is actually played, the teams, strategy, and some other basic facts. Take a look:

Basics of Curling


While the above graphic is good for basic facts and how the game is played, it left me wanting more. Just what the hell are the using the brooms for? Does it make the stone faster? Slower? Curl more? Curl less? I had no idea. But fear not, Smarter Every Day has us covered. In “How Does a Curling Stone Curl?,” this process is displayed in-depth. Without further ado, enjoy:

How does a curling stone curl

Enjoy the Olympics.