Prong-PocketplugOne thing that drives me crazy is when I forget my iPhone charger. Sure I try and balance my schedule and phone usage out to my own internal algorithm that decides if I need to pack a charger or not, but more often than not something comes up.

bounceit-CESI may mean to get home or to my desk to charge my phone between meetings but then I’ll end up at the gym and then invited out with friends and I forgot my charger.

Now you can go absolutely crazy about portable recharging power like Kyle does, but really I rather not carry pounds of chargers around in my purse.

Why not just throw the charger in my purse all the time or buy an extra cable, well if you’re familiar with the lightning cable it frays easily and then you think you charged your phone for 3 hours and you didn’t.

Most reasonable restaurants are used to patrons using their outlets by now but the outlet really does you no good without the charger.

So a new company called Prong, has the answer.

Prong’s new PocketPlug insures that wherever you have your phone you have a plug in the wall charger because it’s built into the case.

Some may not see the value in this right away but once you do it’s like a light bulb goes off in your head. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a bind without a lightning cord and a USB power outlet.

Last year, I flew to Jacksonville and forgot my charger. We are talking $60 bucks between the cab ride to Bestbuy, the cable and the USB plug (conveniently/or inconveniently sold separately).

Prong debuted the PocketPlug at CES check out the video below: