PS4-bJapanese electronics giant Sony decided to take a different route this year in launching the PS4 game console. Sony decided to take advantage of the holiday season in the US and then took to Europe and Asia before launching the console at home in Japan.

Launch day finally arrived in Japan on February 22nd.

Consumer electronics analysts were skeptical about how the system would fair on it’s home turf. That speculation was fueled by an increase in popularity for handheld gaming consoles and of course mobile gaming.

What did play into Sony’s favor is the fact that Microsoft has still not launched rival system, the Xbox One, in Japan. In fact they haven’t even set a date for Japanese release.

With all that in mind, the PS4 did much better than anticipated. Sony sold 322,083 units in the first two days of sales in Japan. That’s compared to just 88,443 PS3 units in the first two days of PS3 sales in Japan.

The PS3 had a rocky start all around. Sourcing components became an issue for Sony when the PS3 was initially released, a problem Sony vowed not to repeat again and so far that’s been the case.

Many believe that this is the last generation of home gaming consoles that we’ve grown accustomed to. However early indications suggest there will be plenty of life for the PS4.

Globally the PS4 continues to beat out the Xbox One in sales however the Xbox One is in no way a dud.