2 HR power

Again, sticking with the power theme, we had a chance to speak with the Rayovac reps at the 2014 International CES. Their new product, the 2 Hour Power, is a unique take on mobile power and mobile charging. At $17.99, the Rayovac 2 Hour Power is one of the most affordable mobile power sources.

2HR Power SpecsThe 2 Hour Power charger is very different from the other mobile power offerings on the market. The most obvious difference is that the device draws its power from a AA battery. According to the 2 Hour Power FAQs:

2 Hour Power is a Rayovac portable power charger that runs on one lithium CR123A battery and you can use it to charge Apple 30-pin or Micro USB powered devices, namely mobile phones. Rayovac 2 Hour Power comes in two models: Apple 30-pin and Micro USB.

It should be noted that the ‘2 Hour’ moniker refers to the amount of power the device provides: “[T]he 2 Hour Power charger will charge your smart phone to a level which allows for 2 hours of extended talk time.” With a 10 year shelf life, the 2 Hour Power charger is the perfect device to keep around in case of an emergency.

The 2 Hour Power charger was honored with a CES Innovation Award in the Portable Power category.

We had a chance to swing by the Rayovac booth, where we learned more about the 2 Hour Power and some of their other new products: