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Rocketboard Kickstarter

On Friday we received a new device in the mail for review. It promised to turn any old whiteboard into a “smart board”. It has a great price point and has some smart board functionality. While you can share what’s created with this device, on your normal everyday white board, there was one major problem.

The digital marker didn’t actually write anything on the board.

In essence devices like this, are merely pointer devices with software that allows you to share what’s created with the pointer. Yes you can write notes on your white board and they show up on your computer screen, and even an iPad, but there’s actually nothing on the board.

Preorder-KickstarterThere has to be a better way.

After talking with lot’s of teachers, startup founders and even people who work in the government, they all have one common thing that needs to be solved with the white board experience, and that’s sharing. Whatever notes, illustrations, graphs, arrows or whatever you put on a white board should be able to be shared easily. That’s what Rocketboard does.

Until now, the two most common ways to share an active white board were to either take still shots as the board filled up and send them via email, dropbox or chat or to use some kind of streaming camera, and pray that the resolution and picture remained constant throughout.

Rocketboard is actually an app, that turns any iPhone or iPad into a device that can record what’s being written on the white board in real time. That created content can be shared in real time, if you’re in a conference call or in a playback mode. You can even easily take still shots right before you erase and fill up the board again.

Obviously this is perfect for startps, enterprise uses and even government meetings. It’s the perfect compliment to conference call solutions.

You can support Rocketboard and help them get to market here at Kickstarter.