SNAPprints was another super-creative application on display at One Spark. Perhaps the only thing that held SNAPprints back from performing better in the popular vote was their location. They were tucked into the Bank of America building which, for whatever reason, did not see much traffic throughout One Spark.

Anyhow, SNAPprints is a collaborative, event based photo album creator. Rather than butcher a description, here is how the company describes the application:

Unlike most photo apps, SNAPprints marries Foursquare and Facebook together: our app provides event venue information so you can get there and invite others to join you, you can upload photos to the app instantly, and you can share and view the event photos with those around you — without having to know or be connected to them through social media channels. Plus, SNAPprints frees you from grudging the hired photographer for getting all the good shots — you get to see the event from every angle.1

This is an awesome idea! Rather than sifting through the hastags on various social media platforms to find the best photos, SNAPprints takes the work out of creating photo albums for event organizers. SNAPprints, essentially becomes the repository for event photos. Rather than taking the time to sift through social media for photos, they come directly to you.

We had a chance to speak with Chris Duroseau, the founder of SNAPprints, during One Spark. Chris told us a bit more about how the application works, and some of their plans for the future:

SNAPprints is currently available on the iTunes Store, and look for an Android version in the near future.

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