Plexr, Gigglemail, Samba, Dumbstruck, OnesparkI’m used to seeing copycat startups. It’s something that has been going on for years. Typically I give a startup or new innovative tech company a chance to show me that they’re like Apple. You see, although I use all Apple products, it’s always a refreshing reminder when helping new companies, to point out that Apple didn’t actually invent anything. They innovated to make improvements to products that have been previously released.

That’s why when I heard about Plexr before taking the week long trek to OneSpark in Jacksonville, I was optimistic. Apparently though, I was wrong.

Plexr is the latest technology company claiming to be the first to capture a users reaction to a video or picture. The concept is simple, you send a buddy a really funny video or pic and you want to be sure that they laughed so you send it through Plexr, and Plexr returns an image of what your buddy looked like opening your image. To some the concept is lame, but it could actually be great fun.

The problem is, Gigglemail, Dumbstruck and Samba are all doing the same thing, the exact same thing. Plexr must have at least heard of Samba, they won best social app at SXSW this year.

So next I checked out the UI and Samba and Dumbstruck have a leg up on Plexr here as well.

Drew had a chance to talk to the guys behind Plexr so check out the video below, but I assure you if you sent that video to me using Samba you would probably receive a picture of me sleeping, back.