There are tons of different email marketing companies. Some large, and some not so large, all with varying degrees of effectiveness. However, there is a real lack of niche market, hyper-focused email marketing providers. No more. Soundest is an email marketing solution, focused exclusively on eCommerce. The company prides itself on removing all of the coding, and programming barriers that exist with some email marketing solutions. The Soundest team was kind enough to answer some questions for us: 


What does your company do, and how do you do it?

We create an easy to use and free email marketing solution for small and medium e-commerce sites. It works out of the box due to its deep integration within e-commerce platforms. There is no need to code, design or build anything in order to use the service.

Why do you do it?

Most small and medium businesses do not have the time or the other resources to spend long hours on email marketing but still need to compete with the big guys. We are building a service for them that is easy to start, easy to use and is free.

What was the “ah ha” moment for you guys?

Being honest there was no “ah ha” moment 🙂 It was a journey. We used to work as digital marketing agency serving clients with a need of conversions mostly.

We realized that there is no specialized solution for e-commerce email marketing. People use the same tools which actually creates no value added.
Then we stared to brainstorm about the tool which creates value for e-commerce, is very simple to use and cost nothing for the clients 🙂

Tell us a little bit about the founders

Rytis Lauris:
– a man who desires to make some global impact,
– digital marketing expert,
– founder and CEO of digital marketing agency,
– co-founder of IQ Polls.

Zygimantas Stauga
– real geek,
– there is code in his vanes, not the blood,
– certified Zend, Mongo DB developer.

What do your current goals look like?

Short term:
We have launched seamless integration with Tictail (the fastest growing e-commerce platform) recently. Two other platforms – Shopify and BigCommerce – are on the road map.

Mid term:
We are building “smart layer” which will enable all e-commerce sites to automate their email marketing within the click. This be be launched in a three months.

We would like to thank the Soundest team for answering our questions.