Sparkfun Logo

Yesterday, during the SXSWEdu expo, we had a chance to speak SparkFun Electronics, a company based out of Boulder Colorado. SparkFun is an open-source hardware company, meaning that they open source the designs and components for all of their hundreds of products. These products range from accelerometers to full robotics kits to cellular modules and everything in-between. Or, in their own words;

SparkFun is an online retail store that sells the bits and pieces to make your electronics projects possible. No matter what your vision is, our products and resources are designed to make the world of electronics more accessible to the average person. In addition to products, SparkFun, through our Department of Education, offers classes and online tutorials designed to help educate individuals in the wonderful world of embedded electronics. Our ever-growing product catalog boasts over 3,500 components and widgets designed to help you unleash your inner inventor.

We had a lot of fun at SparkFun’s booth. The first video, below, shows how the company can use their acceleromoter and gyroscope technology in creative ways. There is more to come from the SparkFun booth, including a musical set of vegtables. For now though, here is a sombrero attached to an accelerometer and gyroscope: