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SweetSpot Update

One of the more practical One Spark Creator Projects that we have come across is the SweetSpot sugar dispenser. As someone who drinks a ton of coffee, probably too much, I can’t believe that there is not one of these in every Starbucks. According to the companies One Spark Profile, “SweetSpot is a premium automatic sugar dispenser that serves a perfect packet of sugar or sweetener.”1 The idea for the SweetSpot dispenser is twofold. There is both an economic benefit to the device, as well as an environmental benefit:

Sugar packets may seem minute, but in fact, there are over 500 BILLION cups of coffee consumed worldwide, and with 65% of Americans adding some type of sweetener/creamer, it contributes to billions of wasteful packets reaching landfills.2

A quick search for sugar packets in bulk turned up some interesting results. There may be other sources, but WEBstaurantStore.com was the first result in a Google search, so it will be used here. WEBstaurantStore.com sells a case of 1200 5 gram packets of Sugar in The Raw for $27.49.3 Conversely, the same website sells a 25 lb. bag of Granulated Pure Sugar for $11.99, amounting to around 2268 5 gram packs.4 The economic benefit is pretty obvious.

When asked how SweetSpot is different from the currently available products, the creators answered:

SweetSpot was designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind. Other sugar dispensers exist, but they are industrial appliances with industrial price tags. Our competitors are also electric, but SweetSpot is mechanical! That mean’s you don’t need a nearby and unencumbered outlet. You can move SweetSpot anywhere in the restaurant or office. In fact, you can even wall mount it! Did I mention we are significantly cheaper than our competition?5

We will definitely be stopping by to check out SweetSpot in person.

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