Google Glass Promoted From Google X, to Halt Explorer Program

On Monday, January 19, Google officially ended its Google Glass Explorers program, and halted sales of the $1500 eye-ware. This is not the end of Google Glass, however, just the end of Glass as we know it right now. The end of the Explorers program comes as Google graduates the Glass program from Google X labs. [...]

Google in Talks to Buy Into Virgin Galactic

According to Sky News Google is exploring the option of buying into Virgin Galactic. According to the report: "Google is in talks with Virgin Galactic about a deal that will hand it crucial access to satellite-launch technology and an equity stake in Sir Richard Branson’s $2bn (£1.2bn) space tourism venture."Mark Kleinman, Sky News, "Google In [...]

Google Unveils the Self-Driving Car

On Tuesday, Google made a pretty sizable announcement. The Mountain View company noted in a blog post that they had begun building prototypes of they "Self-driving Car." While the driverless car has been in the works for some time, the prototype design is unlike anything we have imagined. Most notably, there are no gas or [...]

Google To Produce 4,000 Project Tango Tablets

On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported that next month Google is planning on producing some 4,000 prototype tablets with sensors and cameras that allow for 3D tracking and mapping.Lorraine Luk and Rolfe Winkler, The Wall Street Journal, "Google Developing Tablet With Advanced Vision Capabilities," 22 May 2014 (Paywall) The prototype tablets utilize the same technology found [...]

Meet Google’s Latest Moonshot: Project Tango

On February 20, 2014, Google's Advanced Technology and Projects team announced a wildly innovative new smartphone prototype: Project Tango. What makes Project Tango so remarkable is the use of a new chip that allows for 3D tracking and mapping. In Google's words: Our current prototype is a 5” phone containing customized hardware and software designed [...]

Google’s Largest and Most Recent Acquisitions: Speculation Ensues

Google's acquisition of DeepMind got us thinking - speculating is actually more appropriate - about the company's past acquisitions, and what they might be building towards...Google is becoming more active in robotics and AI. What this means exactly, however, is hard to say. It will be an interesting few years.

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