earfSoutheast Asia was once the king of all things outsourcing and, in many respects, they still are. What you may be surprised to learn is that things that were once sent to China, India or Vietnam are now being sent all across the globe due to cheap production costs and increased technological capabilities in some of the world’s emerging markets. Everything from textiles to computer screens are being sent overseas due to less red tape and decreased costs, but with the expanding capabilities of the global economy, as well as the rise of worldwide internet capabilities, even in the poorest of third world nations, the future of outsourcing may feature roads that don’t necessarily lead to Asia.

Here are just a few of these emerging tech outsourcing hot spots:


With the revolution behind them, modern Egypt is moving into the 21st century and offering quite a bang for the buck for some multi-national corporations. Tech giants like C3, Convergys, and Unisys have all set up shop in the capital city of Cairo in recent years. The main specializations within the region are business analytics, testing (both software and hardware) and multi-lingual call centers that specialize in English, Arabic, French, German and Spanish.


Most experts have begun to call Mexico the “nearshore outsourcing hub of the United States.” Mexico is an emerging tech powerhouse and capabilities include information technology, software development, nanotechnology and electronic design. In fact, due to the increasing capabilities of its ever-growing web and network infrastructure, many companies are opting to open entire data centers in Mexico.


The tech hub in Brazil is situated snugly inside the city limits of Sao Paulo, Brazil and business is booming. While the infrastructure issues of the country as a whole are surprisingly bad for a modern nation, the main hubs of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro have amazingly good connectivity. Tech industry mainstays such as Cisco, Dell and HP have moved to secure outsourcing centers within Sao Paulo. Capabilities include product development, testing and multi-lingual call centers that serve those speaking Spanish, English, or Portuguese.


The outsourcing in Poland – while tech oriented – is of a business-first nature. Major industries within the borders of the small European nation include business analytics, finance, accounting, human resources and call centers. Call centers in Poland feature some of the best multi-lingual bang for your bucks for businesses big and small due to the abundance of bilingual Polish residents. The call centers can handle calls in English, Japanese, Polish, Dutch, and German with smaller outlying call centers specializing in additional languages. LogicaCMG, Hewitt and Phillip Morris Industries all source a great deal of work to Poland.

While southeast Asia is still king of the world in outsourcing, emerging markets are beginning to take a stronger foothold in the industry. As connectivity and network capabilities improve, look for this list to be ever-evolving in the coming years as new nations join the ranks of the wired world.