Favatron1Twitter came under fire last week for messing with Twitter Favorites. Since the beginning of Twitter there was no real definitive answer of how the favorite was supposed to work. For some people it was a way of showing thanks like “liking” something on Facebook. For others’ it serves as a bookmark of sorts to come back to later. For everyone else it lies somewhere in between.

Well for those that are using Twitter Favorites as bookmarks, there’s a new startup called Favatron that is hoping to make that process easier, by automating Twitter Favorites for recall.

Favatron2“Favatron is a service that automatically pulls down user’s Twitter favorites, summarizes links within them, and then provides that data through email digests, RSS feeds, read later services, and more.” the company told Techfaster in an interview.

“Consumption of information can be challenging with so many channels to consume from. Favatron takes a serious channel and provides that information to the user in a way that works the best for them.” They added.

For those people who currently use Twitter Favorites as bookmarks an entire month, week or even day of favoriting can turn into a hodge podge of miscellaneous links. Favatron helps put all that information together.

“Many people use Twitter favorites to mark articles they wish to bookmark and read later. Reading content within Twitter is not very friendly nor are the limits on their API of the last 200 tweets. Favatron breaks those chains by automating the process of saving favorites, summarizing link content, and making that data available through email digests, integration with read later services, RSS feed, developer API, and webhooks.” Scott Smith, founder of Favatron said.

If you’re a Twitter user that currently uses Favorites for bookmarks you can try out Favatron here.  The company hopes to add more social networks to the mix shortly.