Parrot is always one of our favorite booths at the International CES. Beyond the drones, which are awesome by the way, Parrot has developed a line of connected plant sensors that allow you to monitor the health of your flowers and plants. Last year at CES, we took a close look at the Parrot Flower Power. In a nutshell, the Flower Power, is a “smart wireless sensor equipped with Bluetooth Smart technology that connects to your mobile device and accompanies you in the maintenance of your plants, thanks to a dedicated application which was developed in collaboration with international botanists. In a pot or in open ground, Parrot Flower Power monitors and analyzes 4 criteria that are crucial to plant growth: soil moisture, fertilizer, ambient temperature and light intensity.”1 This year, Parrot was showing of a new addition to its smart plant sensor line, The Parrot Pot:

Parrot Pot

While, understandably, the drones will get the majority of the Parrot’s coverage, I think that the Parrot Pot is the most interesting thing that they had on display. The Parrot Pot borrows a lot of the sensors and functionality of the Flower Power, but adds a new feature. The Parrot Pot includes an automated watering system.

Equipped with a 2,2L reservoir, the Pot provides up to 1 month of smart, autonomous irrigation, keeping your plants happy and healthy until you return.2


So, on top of measuring the health levels of your plant – the sunlight, soil moisture, temperature, and fertilizer levels – the Parrot Pot can water your plant. Parrot has truly mastered idiot-proof gardening. And you can do it all remotely through the company’s user friendly app:

Pot app