EdTech, Tyto Online, Immersed Games, MMORPG, CrowdfundingThere are so many companies out there that will tell you the quickest way to captivate a young students mind is through gaming.That’s true to a degree, but that’s not what Lindsey Tropf and Florida based Immersed Immersed-LogoGames are all about.

Immersed Games first came on the scene two years ago at the One Spark Crowdfunding Festival in Jacksonville Florida. They didn’t have a working prototype yet but Tropf knew two things, she loved MMORPG games and she knew she learned a lot from them.

Through hours and hours if not days and days and even weeks and weeks of playing World of Warcraft Tropf found out a few important things; “I learned everything from tytoowlstrategy to puzzle and problem solving by playing MMORPG games” she told us in an interview.  What if you could change the content from traditional MMORPG’s and put more of a focus on educational subjects.  So that’s exactly what her company set out to do.

“…we are making our first release with a module of ecology for middle school students, with plans to build out all our game content in one virtual world as a platform for learning possibilities” Tropf told us in an email.

They demoed levels from that release at One Spark this year and let middle school aged students try it out. Needless to say it was a huge hit and validated their need for a Kickstarter campaign.

Immersed-Team“I had learned so much, without trying, through the act of play.  I knew thousands of items, strategies, and approaches.  I knew so much, but not much of it really mattered outside of the game world…” Tropf said. And people are taking notice.

The company’s Kickstarter campaign is over 75% funded and soon they’ll be able to embark on a large scale release of Tyto Online along with several other learning modules targeted at grades 3-12.  The company is giving away opportunities to be part of the games creative process. Rewards for the Tyto Online Kickstarter campaign include rights to name a street or develop a character.

Tropf and company have certainly created a new way to enjoy learning. Find out more here.