iPhonesThe iPhone 6 continues to draw near. Most of us in the tech media know that Apple is most likely to debut the iPhone 6 at a press event in mid September and then make it available either the last Thursday or Friday of the month. With all that in mind Apple continues to prepare for a massive rollout, in their stores.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been criticized for not moving enough iPhones in their own retail stores. Sure their retail partners and carrier partners sell a lot of phones but Cook and new Apple Store retail chief Angela Ahrendts would of course love to keep as much of the money in the family as possible.

To that end, Apple seems to be ramping up their sales offerings.

With lines almost always out the door, down the hall or across the street during an iPhone launch, there were still only two ways you could be an iPhone at the Apple Store. You could buy the phone outright at full retail price, usually over $500. Or, you could opt to go on a carrier’s two year contract program.

Well T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere has shaken things up in the wireless industry and those two year contract options are almost a thing of the past. Now T-Mobile offers the JUMP program. AT&T offers the Next Program and Verizon Wireless offers the Edge program.  All three programs offer some kind of monthly payment to the cost of the phone on a customers wireless bill. They also offer a variety of early upgrade options.

According to 9to5Mac Apple sources have told them that Apple retail store employees are being trained on these programs from Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and AT&T. So far there’s no knowledge of training on the Sprint program.

9to5Mac also reports that some Apple retail stores will start testing these programs as alternative ways to sell carrier iPhones.  With a much larger rollout later in the year, perhaps in September when the newest iteration of the iPhone is expected to hit store shelves.

Apple also very recently started allowing customers to purchase iPhones on some prepaid and month to month carrriers.