It doesn’t matter if you moved into a new subdivision, apartment complex, or town home community, getting to know your neighbors can be a daunting and intimidating task. People can go years if not decades and never know that person that lives across the street, down the hall or even right underneath them. It happens all the times.

Thanks to the internet and mobile apps, socializing has been made much easier. It takes a good app though to help transcend that online social world and real life collisions. Enter uConnectHome, the latest platform looking to connect neighbors.

uConnectHome-ClassifiedsuConnnectHome is looking to connect residents in an apartment building or apartment community to each other. It’s like the Facebook for your community.

Using the uConnectHome platform residents can get to know each other, hear about important events, even buy, sell and trade stuff from neighbor to neighbor. How many times have you gone to the apartment community pool just to find an all out pool party that you may have missed because the maintenance man forgot to tape an invitation to your door. Those days are gone.

uConnectHome can be used for much easier, but sometimes inconvenient tasks, like finding out who left their socks and underwear in the community laundry room. I know from experience I hate to be that neighbor that takes someones clothes out of the dryer, but come on it doesn’t take six hours to do one load. Post a pic, write a post and maybe they’ll get the message.

uConnecthome-dealsI lived in an apartment complex for two and a half years before I realized that the complex had a discount deal with the local Domino’s. With uConnecthome you can find out all the deals that you’re eligible for as a resident and even hear when local merchants and service providers have discounts just for your community.

uConnectHome even integrates with existing social networks like Facebook and Twitter to bring all of your world’s together. So check out uConnectHome and get to know the people in your neighborhood.

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