For whatever reason, there don’t seem to be many hardware projects at this years One Spark. There are some, however. One of the hardware projects is the Verti Bluetooth item finder. The Verti is similar to the Lupo device and the Nokia Treasure Tag, with a few key differences.

verti product

Rather than offering a broken description of the ways the Verti is different, I will defer to the company’s One Spark Creator Profile. On every One Spark Profile, the creators have to answer the question: “What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?” Here is Verti’s answer:

With the rise of Bluetooth related devices in the marketplace, Verti separates itself among other item finders by offering increased proximity range (up to 200ft), motion detection and social media integration. With the press of a button, Verti user’s can check-in via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare. Verti offers a multitude of features that are designed to save time and give you a peace of mind.1

We are certainly looking forward to checking out the Verti in person.

If you are displaying at One Spark and would like to be featured in out One Spark Preview Series, here is some info.


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