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There is no shortage of language learning applications and software out there. The great majority of these apps, however, are more focused on intensive learning. It can be quite difficult to learn through the typical intensive approach. One company, Vocabula, thinks that learning a language is easier when approaching with a more systematic, scaled back approach. The Vocabula team was kind enough to tell us a little bit about their product and approach.


What is Vocabla?

Vocabla is a multidevice platform for learning English vocabulary for learners/students & schools.

Who is Vocabla for? What is the target audience?

ESL (English as a Second Language) learners, students, people in need of passing English exam, professionals who need English language for their job. Schools wanting engage their students better.

What makes Vocabla different from what is currently available?

Vocabla is a great app that will make you learn new words every day and let you share your progress with users from all over the world! It has already gained over 400 thousand users, at the same time creating a large community of English-learners. From now on, vocabulary learning will no longer be a torture – it will be fun! With Vocabla you can take vocabulary learning to a brand new level – from just regular learning to social learning!

Tell us about the Chome and Firefox plugins

The Chrome/Firefox plugins let you translate English words on any website using double click and add them to your personal vocabulary list inside Vocabla:

What made you get involved in the Ed Tech space?

Wanted to actually help people with their language learning effort

Tell us about the team:

Micha? – CEO of Vocabla, married man & happy father of 3 kids and best startup football player in Cracow, Poland :P, business, product and design oriented

Kuba – COO of Vocabla, married man & owner of a large objects retrieving…cat, product, project, analytics oriented

Head over to vocabla.com for more info.