WellsFargoLogoIf you weren’t convinced that Apple Pay is the future of mobile, frictionless payments, the financial world is hoping that you’ll get on board quick. Just yesterday we reported that customers trying to use Apple’s new NFC payment system at Rite Aid and CVS are out of luck. Meanwhile it seems that most other financial institutions are under the impression that Tim Cook created frictionless payments himself.

While Auburn University’s most notable alumnus has done great things since the passing of Steve Jobs, creating NFC and frictionless payments isn’t one of them. In fact, like most things, as Steve Wozniak points out, NFC frictionless payments came to Android, and Google Wallet first.

Putting all of that information aside, now that Apple is on board more and more mainstream companies, like Wells Fargo are hopping on board as well. Wells Fargo just sent out an email to credit and debit card users, inviting them to try the new Apple Pay service and if they do they can get up  to $20 in credits.

Just check out in a merchant app or look for the Near Field Communication (NFC) symbol at checkout registers in stores and use your iPhone 6 Touch ID™ to authorize payment quickly and securely… Use your iPhone 6 to make an Apple Pay purchase with your Wells Fargo Credit Card by November 30, 2014, and you’ll earn a $20 statement credit.” Wells Fargo said in the email.

Wells Fargo credit card users will get the $20 credit. Wells Fargo debit and prepaid card users will get a $10 statement credit for using Apple Pay.

Is your bank Apple Pay compatible? Check out the chart below: