Among the apps that we are looking forward to checking out at One Spark 2014 is WeVue. The app is based on a really interesting concept:

WeVue is a social media app that crowdsources pictures and videos at events and then turns that crowdcourced content into a movie called a WeVue!1

While that sounds pretty interesting as it is, there are several elements that make WeVue wildly unique to anything currently available:

1) it is event based, 2) it allows for the crowdsourcing and sharing of content (i.e. photos and videos from events), and 3) it creates and allows users to create personalized Vues from the event. Vues are group movies made out of the crowdsourced content from an event with the addition of a soundtrack. These Vues allow users to get as creative as they want, sharing and reliving their events with associates, friends, and families.2

While the app is not yet available, some screenshots make it look like WeVue will be beautiful and super-easy to use:

There is still a lot that we don’t know about WeVue, but it seems like there are countless ways to monetize the product. We are certainly looking forward to seeing WeVue during One Spark.

If you are displaying at One Spark and would like to be featured in out One Spark Preview Series, here is some info.