After five days of through deliberation, interviewing each and ever technology creator, the judges have reached a unanimous decision. The winner of the $10,000 technology prize is Partpic.
It is not hard to see why, they have built an amazing platform.

Partpic allows users to identify nearly any replacement part for industrial machinery through a simple to use visual recognition application. In a nutshell, users open the app, snap a picture of the part that they need to replace, and Partpic identifies said part and lets the user order it directly from the app. Partpic was, without a doubt, one of the most remarkable technology projects on display at One Spark 2014.
Though Partpic won the juried portion of the One Spark technology category, the project didn’t do as well in the popular vote. Partpic did not do as well in the popular vote for many of the same reasons it did so well in the juried vote: it is narrowly focused on heavy industry; the average consumer is not a target user; the technology behind the visual recognition platform utilizes complex proprietary algorithms, that the company wasn’t really able to share with attendees.

Partpic solves a huge, huge problem for a small number of people. This narrow focus on heavy industry made the platform wildly attractive to the judges, and makes it attractive to VCs and other investors. As a result, Partpic has $10,000 to go put in the bank. We had a chance to interview Jewel Burks, one of the founders of Partpic, a few days ago. She told us a lot more about the platform:

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