0567faadfe685799ffe21802fb127e8a_largeYou just gotta love MoXi right? Moxie is about having determination, nerve or chutzpah as my grandmother called it. That’s why it’s the perfect name for the latest product by Xetal that will truly change the smart home, by making it smarter. The way it should be.

The people at Xetal, the creators of MoXi, believe that there is a major flaw in the “internet of things” when it comes to the “smart home” sure both are huge buzz words, both are about innovation and right now both require a third device of some sort. The Smart Home is activated today by some kind of tag, clip, fob or smartphone.

For the home to get really smart we need to be able to ditch that extra piece of hardware and have the smart home be about people.

Perhaps at this point in time you’re thinking about motion detectors, weight sensors or door sensors. uh-uh that’s not it.

MoXi is about position tracking without the use of a third device.

Xetal’s current technology is designed for hospitals and nursing homes. Their current technology allows a nurses station to know if a patient is out of bed, by the door, by the window or trying to go to the bathroom. Having this location aware position tracking without an extra device means that the nurses and techs at a nurses station can be proactive. They can get to a patient’s room without the patient actually having to use a nurse’s call button.

MoXi-infographicIt’s similar technology that will allow the MoXi device to monitor your entire home and help you keep up with your home without extra tags. It can also be the backbone behind a smart home system and home security.

MoXi would be able to let you know if your son or daughter woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. It will let you know if there’s an intruder in the house, and even start brewing your coffee when you start moving about. MoXi truly makes your smarthome as smart as you thought it would be when all this “smart home” talk started.

Preorder-KickstarterMoXi is non-intrusive location detection. “MoXi is an innovative high-resolution indoor positioning system for an entire house (and any other close building). Detection and tracking of people is done anonymously. MoXi provides real-time counting and tracking of people with an accuracy of about 30cm/1 foot . By combining this information with information about the house itself, MoXi can be used to detect a wide range of events in real time, day and night. “MoXi detection” does not invade personal privacy. It does not involve any processing or recording of video, sounds or images at any time.” the company says.

Xetal insists that with MoXi you and your family can just go about their daily routine and be yourselves without the worry of interrupting your lives with new devices. That’s the beauty behind MoXi the beginning of the truly smart home revolution. Find out more here: