It is no secret that Y Combinator is one of, usually considered the, most successful startup accelerators in the world. But just how successful was revealed on Tuesday. Sam Altman, the President of Y Combinator, published a broad overview of the accelerator’s portfolio stats on Tuesday. It is incredibly short, so here are the details in full:

We get asked a lot for statistics on the YC portfolio.  Even though some of these aren’t that helpful [1], here is the latest update on the numbers we get asked about the most.  As always, all the credit goes to the founders.

Total market cap of all YC companies: >$30 billion

Total money raised by all YC companies: >$3 billion

Number of YC companies worth more than $1 billion: 3 [2]

Number of YC companies worth more than $100 million: >20 [3]

Number of companies funded by YC so far: 716

Number of companies in the current batch: 85

Acceptance rate of the current batch: <3%

Number of nuclear energy companies in the current batch: 2

[1] Intermediate valuations aren’t worth very much, for example.  But we don’t keep statistics on total revenue or jobs created, though I expect both numbers would be impressive.

[2] This is how many companies are currently worth over $1 billion, but even if we never funded another company I think it would at least double and probably triple or quadruple.

[3] Similar to the note above, this number should go up a lot just from our current portfolio—it generally takes companies a few years to get above this threshold.1

Though these are some impressive stats, it is hardly surprising. Just take a look at Y Combinator’s portfolio:

YC Portfolio

  1. Y Combinator blog, “YC Portfolio Stats,” 16 July 2014