GooglerankingIf you’re a web publisher, blogger, own an online magazine or have any other kind of web based presence than you’ve undoubtedly dealt with Google rankings. If you’ve been doing this longer than say, the last six months, then you’ve endured one, if not many, changes in Google’s ranking methods. There are some great SEO zen masters out there, but often times they are only as good as the latest changes to Google’s algorithms.

But don’t fret too much. Google changes their ranking algorithms all the time with little tweaks here and little tweaks there but they rarely do a huge reboot of the entire process. So some of the factors in Google ranking have stayed the same over the years while others have changed.

Brian Dean, of, and an authority on Google ranking, has compiled an enormously robust list of 200 ranking factors for Google ranking. He calls this the “Complete List” and for most web publishers who’ve been doing this for a while, it seems as thorough as it can possibly come.

Dean characterizes his list as a mix of experience and speculation. Singlgrain and Backlink have compiled the infographic below, as published by that visualizes all 200 of Dean’s factors. It’s an incredibly long, yet very informative infographic. Anyone with a web presence of any kind should read it and even if you’re an online veteran, you’ll definitely get something out of it.