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If you have ever worked in the food and beverage industry, you know how much of a hassle it is to manage a schedule. Most places still hand write their schedule. Not only is making the schedule outdated, it is hard to get it to all of the workers. Most of the time, they just have to come in during time off to look at the schedule. No more. We just came across a new company that has created an excellent program that makes managing rosters and schedules incredibly easy: Zenshifts. We had a chance to ask the team a few questions about their new platform:


What is Zenshifts?

Zenshifts lets you create your staff weekly roster within minutes, from your phone, tablet or computer. Share the roster with your staff through email, SMS messages and mobile apps. Its keeps staff up-to-date and in sync – any time that the roster changes, any effected staff are instantly notified and updated.

Why did you build Zenshifts?

The typical problems that many SMEs face using manual or Excel based rosters are:
• Without a roster system it is time consuming to plan rosters that optimise staff hours and keep costs to a budget
• It is difficult to avoiding roster conflicts where staff are unavailable
• Manual process of staff time recording and data entry to payroll can result in overpayments of around 1.2% of payroll
• Notifying staff of the initial roster along with subsequent changes is problematic and prone to human error

The solution allows customers to:
• Create rosters online quicker with the system helping to match staff with right skills and availability
• The roster process allows management to ensure staff costs are keeping within budget guidelines
• Rosters are automatically communicated to staff on an individual level using SMS, email and online to ensure awareness of the latest roster and any changes
• Actual staff working hours can be confirmed using a time-clock application using tablet and/or native mobile apps
• Timesheets can be exported to payroll systems for cost integrity and time saving
• Gain online visibility for Owners and Head Management as to what is happening in the business along with historical reporting

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Zenshifts has developed a web based rostering software for SMEs to allow them to easily plan, create and distribute rosters to their staff. Deploying a cloud based solution allows Zenshifts to deliver a cost competitive solution that is highly scalable.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Andrew Longworth (CEO & Front End Development)
– Winner of Sydney Angel Hack 2013
Keith Longworth (Founder & Solution Design)
– Former IT Director TNT Logistics Australia 1997 Computer Associates International site of the Year Award
Terry Tutt (Chief Technical Officer)
– Global Development Director for TNT Logistics Architect of multi award winning Matrix product