3DoodlerOne of the hottest things we saw at CES, (aside from the INMOTION SCV) was the 3 Doodler. It’s the world’s first 3D pen. It looks like a soldering iron of sorts. 10″ plastic strips go into the back of the pen and you can make 3 dimensional creations and works of art.

Some of the earliest adopters and beta testers of the device, created by Wobbleworks, are already selling their boats, statues, buildings and even spider web like creations on Etsy. The 3Doodler booth in the 3D Printing Tech Zone at CES had some amazing creations.

While 3D printers continue to come down in price, the 3D Pen is priced just right at $99. Packs of 25 pieces of plastic (ink) are available in single colors or variety packs for just $9.99. The company will be selling the 3Doodler directly from their website, Brookstone stores and other online and offline retail locations.

One of the best parts of the 3Doodler ecosystem though, is the community that’s already forming. Artists that have been craving a new medium can put the power of 3D in the palm of their hand and actually get in closer with more delicate designs than some 3D printers.

As the company continues to fill Kickstarter orders and then plans on opening up general sales to the public, they’ve already started responding to user feedback. 3Dprintingindustry.com reports that Wobbleworks will be releasing three new accessories for the 3Doodler. The accessories include a 3Doodler stand, a variety pack of 3Doodler tips and stencil filled blocks that will help artists of all skill levels create things with the 3D pen.

Check out our video from CES 2014 below, you can preorder your 3Doodler here.