Get A Robo 3D Printer At Costco

Costco joins the ranks of Home Depot and a select few other retailers where the normal consumer can now pick up a 3D Printer. Over the past five years or so we've seen an incredible surge in the 3D printing industry. A technology that was once only available in machine shops and high end design [...]

3D Printing Validated With Trip To HP

From the day I first heard about HP’s plan of enter the 3D printing market, I wondered where they might focus their energies. The consumer market or high volume production? As time went on and more details became public, their intentions became more clear. HP announced that it would focus on the production or “enterprise” [...]

Versoteq: 3D Printing and 3D Visualizations

As the world is slowly, but surely, adopting 3D printing, there are some wonderful products being made. We just had a chance to speak with one company, Versoteq, who is at the forefront of 3D printed products. The team told us a little bit about the process as well as their latest project: Versoteq What [...]

NVbots Crowdfunding Worlds 1st “fully-automated, cloud-connected 3D printer.”

NVbots, a Boston startup, just launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund their new 3D Printer. The company has already raised "$850,000 from angel investors (who aren’t being disclosed) and is looking to close the round at $1 million via Fundable."Kyle Alspach, Beta Boston, "MIT-founded NVBots to ramp up its 3D printer for schools with crowdfunding [...]

Now This Is The Future Of 3D Printing: Robots To 3D Print Buildings In MArs

3D Printing Mars This may seem like the stuff a good science fiction movie is made of but it's not. 3D Printing has come a long way. Starting out as machined you would only find in shops, 3D Printers have shrunk in size and price thanks to companies like Makerbot. While 3D printing continues to [...]

Makerbot Remixed As Tattoo Robot

At last year's French Ministry of Culture's Public Domain Remix event a team from the design studio LeFabShop commandeered a Makerbot 3D printer to create the first ever robotic tattoo gun. The Public Domain Remix event encourages hackers to take an already existing electronic device and repurpose it for something else. reports that all [...]

The World’s First 3D Pen Is Ready For The Masses With Accessories Too

One of the hottest things we saw at CES, (aside from the INMOTION SCV) was the 3 Doodler. It's the world's first 3D pen. It looks like a soldering iron of sorts. 10" plastic strips go into the back of the pen and you can make 3 dimensional creations and works of art. Some of [...]

Sculpteo Is Your 3D Printing Factory [VIDEO][CES]

When you look back at the 2014 International CES it's either going to be the year of the "internet of things", wearable technology or 3D Printing. We're pretty much banking on 3D printing. Since Bre Pettis introduced the world to 3D Printing three years ago the industry has taken off. Our 3D Faster correspondent John [...]

3D Faster: What Won’t Be 3D Printed? Part 2

But even if you’re not sold on 3D printing, you probably wouldn’t be surprised if the card game was manufactured digitally (via 2D digital printing), right? Thirty years ago, when 2D digital printing was just taking off, nearly everyone said that it wasn’t good enough, fast enough, or flexible enough…and that it was just too [...]

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3D Faster: What Won’t Be 3D Printed?

The other day I was reading an article on about new innovations that could potentially kill the sales of major household brands. It was a first in a series by Robin Lewis and he makes the argument that the sheer number of competitive offerings (including private label alternatives), plus the impact of the Internet [...]