Get A Robo 3D Printer At Costco

Costco joins the ranks of Home Depot and a select few other retailers where the normal consumer can now pick up a 3D Printer. Over the past five years or so we've seen an incredible surge in the 3D printing industry. A technology that was once only available in machine shops and high end design [...]

3D Printing Validated With Trip To HP

From the day I first heard about HP’s plan of enter the 3D printing market, I wondered where they might focus their energies. The consumer market or high volume production? As time went on and more details became public, their intentions became more clear. HP announced that it would focus on the production or “enterprise” [...]

3Doodler Is The World’s Most Popular 3D Printing Device [IFA 2014]

We first got to experience the 3Doodler back in January at CES 2014. At IFA the company behind the world's first 3D Printing Pen had some great news to share with the world. 3Doodler now has over 100,000 users. 3D writing has taken off.  The pen, which retailed globally this year, allows people to 3D [...]

3D Faster: A Walk In Retail’s Boneyard

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled on a CNBC article by Courtney Reagan about Retail Chains That Disappeared. As I flipped through the slides I noticed that many of the featured retailers suffered common fates. So, I reorganized the list. I broke down each company and the reasons for their demise (according to the article.) [...]

Open Up The Flood Gates The First CMYK 3D Printer Is Here

Surely we all know about the boom in 3D printing. We run a feature here at Techfaster called 3DFaster which highlights some of the trends in the exciting, and exploding 3D Printing Industry. Our good friends at 3DLT provide industry insight into the world of 3D printing. You probably see and hear about 3D printers [...]

3DFaster: Craft Retailing Gets Personal

I’ve written about how retailers in many categories could benefit by offering 3D printed products online and in-store. Booksellers, automotive parts, home improvement, wireless, outdoor, pharmacies, grocery and mass market stores have all been featured. But, there are also segments I’ve neglected – in part because they were more obvious – like office supplies, electronics [...]

MakerBot: Coming to a Home Depot Near You

Makerbot Home Depot On Monday, MakerBot announced a new partnership with The Home Depot. According to a statement from MakerBot, Home Depot will begin selling MakerBot 3D Printers online and in several stores across the U.S.: MakerBot and The Home Depot® announce a collaboration to bring MakerBot® Replicator® Desktop 3D Printers to customers on [...]

Now This Is The Future Of 3D Printing: Robots To 3D Print Buildings In MArs

3D Printing Mars This may seem like the stuff a good science fiction movie is made of but it's not. 3D Printing has come a long way. Starting out as machined you would only find in shops, 3D Printers have shrunk in size and price thanks to companies like Makerbot. While 3D printing continues to [...]

SkyForge And The Skyhook Box Bring 3D Printing To The Cloud And The Sharing Economy

Skyforge Skyhook Box Cloud 3D Printing. Nothing erks me more than to read a press release or note from someone filled with today's top tech and startup jargon and buzzwords, unless it all comes together. That's the case with Skyforge that's trying to solve a few common 3D printing problems with one solution. Skyforge in [...]

8th Grader’s Design A Medical Device For Classmate [ISTE 2014]

The intersection of 3D printing and education has brought about some amazing things. 3D Printers in the classroom have changed classrooms 10 fold since the time their 2d predecessors made it into classrooms in the 1980s. I personally have vivid memories of the creations we made with Printshop and a dot matrix printer. Can somebody [...]