Here’s the kicker: courtesy of the amazing advancements in the tech industry, you have an endless array of ingenious applications to fill your desktop, folders and hard drives. But thanks to these very technologies, you don’t have a second to spare.

If you’re starting to feel like the digital world is bent on overwhelming your life, maybe it’s time for a little detox. Yes, it would be nice to shut everything down and take a break, but for many of us that’s just not possible.

That being said, you can make a conscious choice to streamline and simply your life with web-based applications that save you time and allow you to be productive. What follows is a list of online apps to make daily lifestyle simpler, from the monstrous news clutter, the overbearing to-do lists or even some assistance with things you hate… such as keeping track of bills and paying them on time.

TaskRabbit – get errands done with ease

TaskRabbit is a unique app that lets you live a smarter lifestyle by connecting you with reliable professionals in the neighborhood. You can outsource skilled tasks and household errands to trusted individuals in your community. It’s basically an old-school concept of ‘neighbors helping neighbors’ that has been reimaged for this modern day and age.

The service works on an hourly price-basis. Once a task has been posted, you can see the hourly rates of the people who are most skilled to get the task done. A minimum hourly payment is required per task. The payment process, as well as reimbursements, is handled online securely when a task is complete, so there’s no requirement of paying an individual for a task by hand. A posted task can also be cancelled at any time.



Evolve Money – take control of your bills

Evolve Money is a bill paying service that efficiently integrates one of your least favorite tasks–paying bills–into a busy lifestyle. You can use it to pay bills on time and bring all due payments under one account, which eliminates the need for entering your personal credentials at numerous online payment websites. Making tasks like paying your Allstate bill much less stressful.

The tool makes the task of bill-paying seamless by allowing the user to pay with cash, Master, and Visa debit cards. Free standard payments are done within two days or less, while same-day payments and payments on busy days like Christmas holidays can be scheduled for 45 days earlier or paid at the same-day at a mere charge of $1.50.

CakeHealth – manage healthcare

Keeping track of deductibles can be a daunting task. And monitoring multiple health care plans for members of your family can be even worse. CakeHealth takes all your healthcare plans in its online dashboard so that you can track your health spending with ease – without doing any paperwork. Simply choose your provider, connect your account, and leave the rest to the tool.

The site has a simple interface to let you stay updated on claims, see the summary of benefits, and when you’ve spend a deductible. At the end, it also lets you tally out-of-pocket expenses.

SoundGecko – keep updated with news

Stop crashing into piles of bricks and people as you walk around trying to read the newspaper on the stand. SoundGecko makes sure you don’t trip over and reach office safely by converting your must-read news to audio, with a text-to-voice service that lets you create podcasts as well as send articles to your Dropbox account.

It takes just a few seconds to convert your favorite blogs, websites and documents into audio. And with the paid monthly SoundGecko plan, you can also choose your very own preferred text-to-speech voice. The tool works on all major smartphone OS including Android, iOS and Windows OS.