Lyft-RightWe’ve all heard that Uber’s CEO Travis Klanick is a driven, competitive leader. He’s driving Uber to meet and than beat every new viable feature from every competing app out there to continue to reign supreme as the car hailing service. But now, multiple reports are suggesting that Uber may be getting downright dirty.

BGR/Yahoo reported on Tuesday that Lyft is accusing Uber of creating over 5,000 fake rides, canceling them at the last minute.

How bad is it?

Lyft has accused one Uber employee of creating as many as 22 accounts with his phone number to “singlehandedly order and cancel more than 1800 rides” reports BGR. 

“It’s unfortunate for affected community members that they have used these tactics, as it wastes a driver’s time and impacts the next passenger waiting for that driver,” a Lyft spokesman said in response to the data. “We remain focused on growing the business faster than any competitor through better customer experience and innovation.”

The BGR reports also says that Uber sent out a message to all of their New York City drivers saying that it was illegal to drive for both companies, just as Lyft was launching in New York. That’s of course false. Several drivers in other cities drive for both companies.

One is left to wonder how a single person could create 22 accounts and order 1800 rides. You would think that their software would be able to weed that out.