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One of the problems that students face when applying to colleges is of a logistical nature. There is no one-size fits all application to colleges. Each university has different requirements for their application process. Thus, if students are applying to several universities, it can be quite a hassle. However, one professor, Dr. Rebecca Joseph, thinks that she has the solution. Dr. Joseph and her team built All College Application Essays, and app that lists out all of the requirements for more than 750 U.S. universities. Dr. Joseph told us a bit about the app, and why they built it:

All College Application Essays

So what is All College Application Essays?

Our application–All College Application Essays–is the only app with the all the college application requirements for more than 750 colleges. We provide the essays required for each college on the Common Application along with the essays required for most major public and private universities in each of the 50 states. Our app is available on iTunes and in the Google Play Store.We will be launching our website starting in June so users can link their usage with their computer and smart devices.

So is this just for students? Who is the audience?

My audience members are the parents of high school juniors and seniors–a new crop every year as the audience and the essay requirements change every year. High school, non-profit, and independent college counselors are also my audience as they need a one-stop app and website for the most up-to-date college admissions requirements. They do not have the time to look up each college, and my app is right at their fingertips. The college applicants themselves are also my audience.

So this seems to be a unique offering. Is there anything similar out there?

I am the only application out there with all of these requirements. I am also the most reasonably priced for my soon to be launched website and do not charge users based on the number of applicants using the app or site. When I launch my website, I will join a very limited field of providers and offer the application connected to a website at a very reasonable price.

Tell us about your team and their backgrounds

Dr. Rebecca Joseph is the creator and founder of All College Application Essays. She is an associate professor at a national university where she trains teachers an counselors. She is a national expert on the college application process and came up with the idea of her app while working with students on their college application essays. She works with Laiq Ahmed, her developer, and Colleen Rice Nelson, her social media, website, and all around support system. Laiq is based in Pakistan and is very talented at his work. Colleen in based in Southern California. All of work with clients from around the world.

What is the next step? What do your current goals look like?

My next step is launching the website version of All College Application Essays. I am also beginning an annual subscription plan as apps do not let developers charge for new versions. My data is new each application cycle—August 1-July 31

We would like to thank Dr. Joseph and the All College Application Essays Team for taking the time to answer our questions. For more info, check out, or click on the social media icons at the top of the page.