Google wear


On Wednesday, a new video on the Google Developer YouTube channel gave us a new look at Android Wear. The video gives us a ton of new information about Google’s foray into a wearable OS. There are a lot of things that stand out, but one of the most important takeaways – at least in my opinion – is the way that Google sees the nature of wearables. The Mountain View company’s overarching wearable philosophy stands in stark contrast to many other companies. Take a look at this image from the video:

Android Wear phone timeline 1

This graph represents the normal way of interacting with a notification on your phone. Timothy Jordan – the narrator – offers an explanation:

notice the length of time it takes to pull out your phone from your pocket unlock it, navigate what you want, and then engage with it. Well there is a hefty time and attention cost even for interactions that should only require a moment.

Contrast that to the image below:

Android Wear timeline

This is the same set of interactions on a wearable running Android Wear. There is an incredibly reduced overhead in each interaction. The entire goal, as Jordan continually noted, is to help users be more present in the real world. Meaning, essentially, to take much, much less time to do the simple things.

OK< so that’s the big picture. As far as specific things, the video revealed several key components of Android Wear. Firstly, if you are an Android developer, there will be very little to learn. Specifically in terms of notifications, there is absolutely “No Work Required.” Notifications will work right out of the box. Any notification that a user gets on a phone, they will also receive on their wrist.

This video was more of a teaser than anything else. Google has yet to release any sort of documentation on Android Wear, but Jordan does go into some broader development ideas an functionality. Here is the video in full: