Now This Is The Future Of 3D Printing: Robots To 3D Print Buildings In MArs

3D Printing Mars This may seem like the stuff a good science fiction movie is made of but it's not. 3D Printing has come a long way. Starting out as machined you would only find in shops, 3D Printers have shrunk in size and price thanks to companies like Makerbot. While 3D printing continues to [...]

SkyForge And The Skyhook Box Bring 3D Printing To The Cloud And The Sharing Economy

Skyforge Skyhook Box Cloud 3D Printing. Nothing erks me more than to read a press release or note from someone filled with today's top tech and startup jargon and buzzwords, unless it all comes together. That's the case with Skyforge that's trying to solve a few common 3D printing problems with one solution. Skyforge in [...]

Google and LG to Bring Project Tango to Consumers in 2015

Google Project Tango Is Coming Google dropped some major bombs at their annual developers conference - Google I/O - this week. However, one of the most exciting announcements was sort-of glossed over by many. On Thursday, during a session about its ATAP - Advanced Technology and Projects - group, Google announced that it is working with LG [...]

8th Grader’s Design A Medical Device For Classmate [ISTE 2014]

The intersection of 3D printing and education has brought about some amazing things. 3D Printers in the classroom have changed classrooms 10 fold since the time their 2d predecessors made it into classrooms in the 1980s. I personally have vivid memories of the creations we made with Printshop and a dot matrix printer. Can somebody [...]

The Maker Movement At ISTE 2014

This week, President Obama hosted the first White House Maker Faire, proclaiming a National Day of Making and encouraging young people to be designers, engineers, and inventors -- not just consumers. And he called for more programs and activities to mentor and empower a new generation of Makers. You might expect that the Maker Movement [...]

3DLT: The Dark Horse

3DLT was recently invited to present at The Dark Horse Competition. The event took place last Friday at the Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley. Attendees heard keynotes from prominent Chinese and US investors, and pitches from twelve Chinese startups, who were there to compete against twelve American startups, including 3DLT. While Dark [...]

Makerbot Remixed As Tattoo Robot

At last year's French Ministry of Culture's Public Domain Remix event a team from the design studio LeFabShop commandeered a Makerbot 3D printer to create the first ever robotic tattoo gun. The Public Domain Remix event encourages hackers to take an already existing electronic device and repurpose it for something else. reports that all [...]

Mcor Is Bridging 3D Printing And EdTech

We first got a chance to meet the folks at Mcor during the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas. There, our 3D Faster correspondent John Hauer, CEO of 3DLT, spent some time talking with Mcor about changing trends in the rapidly expanding 3D printing industry.  Mcor is one of the pioneers in the 3D printing [...]

4 Apps Making It Easy For Anyone To Start 3D Printing, Without A 3D Printer

Sculpteo's Cloud Engine API lets developers implement easy 3D printing directly into their mobile, desktop and browser apps. Users can order their 3D printed designs directly through the apps—which then send order information to Sculpteo—or be redirected to And the process is as easy as app developers want it to be. Here are four [...]

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Disney Is Taking 3D Printing To New Heights With Speakers

Many don't realize how innovative Disney is. They've been working with animatronics, special effects, and innovative technology for decades. The animatronic "It's a small world" ride is celebrating it's 50th year, this year. So we shouldn't be surprised that Disney is working with 3D printing. Gizmag reports that Disney is using 3D printers to make [...]