4 3D Printing Apps That Make It Easy, And Fun

Sculpteo's Cloud Engine API lets developers implement easy 3D printing directly into their mobile, desktop and browser apps. Users can order their 3D printed designs directly through the apps—which then send order information to Sculpteo—or be redirected to Sculpteo.com. And the process is as easy as app developers want it to be. Here are four [...]

First Look At Amazon’s 3D Smartphone

Via BGR In what is becoming one of the more interesting stories that we are following, it looks like Amazon is gearing up to announce the rumored 3D Smartphone. According to a report from FierceWireless, "Amazon aims to announce the phone by the end of June and start shipping phones by the end of September, ahead [...]

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Build-A-Bear Meets Kinko’s For 3D Printing At Swarupa Studios

If I'm correct, 3D printing shops are going to be as common place as your neighborhood Kinko's before too long. There are companies already paving the way like Jacksonville's Forge and Swarupa Studios. Swarupa Studios is hoping to gain attention for their bricks and mortar 3D Printing business at OneSpark next week. The idea behind [...]

3D at Retail: A License to Engage

You got a license for that thing? That phrase could soon take on a new meaning. Instead of referring to certain types of things, it may apply to nearly every…thing. The state of licensing in 3D printing today is in equal parts wild west and gold rush. But, managed correctly, 3D print licensing could create [...]

3DLT Announces New Pilot Program With Amazon

3DLT Pilots 3D Printed Products With Amazon 3DLT, a platform for 3D Printing As-a-Service, is pleased to announce that it has been selected to participate in a pilot to sell 3D printed products on Amazon.com. The products range from fashion jewelry pieces to home decor items and tech accessories. To view the collection, click here. [...]

Google Project Tango in Action

So, on Friday we told you a little bit about Google's new Project Tango 3D mapping phone. I have to admit, that while this looks pretty cool on paper, I was a bit skeptical about how it would actually work. However, TechCrunch was given a first-hand look at the device in use, and it is mind-blowing.

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