MassageBook: Find and book massage therapists quickly and easily

  Finding a skilled massage therapist when you need one can be a real pain. Web search results often don't show small local massage therapy businesses. If you do find one, often you'll be unable to book your massage online. What if you had a way to easily find and book a massage professional near [...]

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Kajeet: At-Home Educational Broadband for Students

Last year at ISTE, one of our favorite companies was Kajeet. While they do have a great product, or interest in the company has much more to do with their mission. Kajeet is on a mission to offer educators - be it an individual teacher, a school, or even a school district - a means [...]

Osmo: Incorporating real-world objects into gaming

One of the things that we were most looking forward to seeing at FETC was Osmo. It not only met our expectations, but easily exceeded them. In a nutshell, Osmo is a gaming accessory/add-on for the iPad. The Osmo system blends the real-world with the digital world in 3 different exciting games: Each Osmo kit [...]

Lightning Grader: Grading Made Lightning Fast

Throughout the course of the last year or so - during our visits to FETC last year, AETC, ISTE, and NAESP - we have spoken with hundreds of teachers and administrators. We make it a point to ask these educators what they need and what is wrong with the education industry right now. As you [...]

Imprint Energy: Revolutionizing Wearables with Printed Batteries

As wearabes and other small devices are growing in popularity, the problem of power has taken center stage. As it stands right now, battery life is the number one factor limiting wearables. Batteries are the single largest and bulkiest component of every single wearable on the market right now. Thus, companies are forced to decide between [...]

John McAfee, Nolan Bushnell, & Brock Pierce Headline HCON

In April of this year, The Round House - The Startup Space in Opelika Alabama - is hosting what looks te be an awesome conference. #Hcon, from April 14th-16th 2015, already features an impressive lineup of speakers. While there are still more than 20 speakers to be announced, the list already includes: Nolan Bushnell - Founder of [...]

C.A.R.E. – Augmented Reality for Education

There were a lot of great companies and products at this years FETC. That said, for the most part, these products and companies weren't really showing off any groundbreaking new products. That is, except for C.A.R.E. - Core Augmented Reality Education. C.A.R.E. has built an awesome set of augmented reality challenges and lessons: C.A.R.E.‘s product suite [...]

Cool Cleveland Tech Company Heats Up At Florida Educational Technology Conference

For the second year in a row one of Cleveland's coolest companies, Lightning Grader, is exhibiting at the Florida Educational Technology Conference in Orlando Florida. The Florida Educational Technology Conference is the second largest (depending on who you talk to) educational technology conference in the country, only behind ISTE and to most, tied with TCEA. [...]

FETC Kicks Off EdTech Season Here At Techfaster

We're off to the races here in Orlando Florida at the start of the 35th annual Florida Educational Technology Conference. The FETC is it's affectionately known, is the second largest ed tech conference in the country, tied with the TCEA. The annual ISTE show is the largest of it's kind and will happen this summer [...]

Odds and Ends: ZTE Dunkers and a Parrot Drone Show

Every year, there are a ton of great new products at the International CES. This year was no exception. From the ZTE, to LG, to Parrot booths, it seems like everywhere we went, there was something mind-blowing. This is great, and is the whole reason for CES. However, for those of us who are there to cover [...]