Sony Announces PlayStation TV: a $99 Set-top Gaming Console

E3 has been mostly about the games thus far. For good reason, there were some mega announcements: a new Halo, a new Smash Brothers, a new GTA, a new Assassins Creed, and a new Battlefield to name a few. However, Sony dropped in a new piece of hardware that could be a monster game-changer. On [...]

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White PS4 To Be Released 9.9.14 As Part Of Destiny Bundle [E3]

Because everyone loves a white gaming console... At Sony's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) press conference on Monday they revealed a bunch of new games. Unlike EA, it appears most of their new software is coming soon, with release dates in tow. One of those new software offerings is the highly anticipated Destiny for PS4. Sony [...]

EA Disappoints At E3 For 2014 But 2016 Looks Bright

We're on the ground for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known to the world as E3. The festivities kicked off Monday morning with a barrage of press conferences prior to the opening of the main floor. With the PS4 and Xbox One finally on the market this year promised to be dull in terms of [...]

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Super Smash Brothers With NFC Figures To Debut At E3

We are a little more than a week away from E3 the largest video games industry conference in the US. While we are expecting a slew of great news in the software department across multiple platforms, the hardware news expected is minimal. One of those big software news bits is expected to be the announcement [...]

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Nintendo Going Mobile, Sort of!

It seems that everyone with a smartphone has been waiting patiently for years for Nintendo to make some kind of mobile move. Nintendo knows that there loyal fans, customers and gamers have been waiting for some form of Mario Brother or Mario Kart mobile game, they aren't there just yet. Many analysts suggest that Nintendo [...]