sony LogoE3 has been mostly about the games thus far. For good reason, there were some mega announcements: a new Halo, a new Smash Brothers, a new GTA, a new Assassins Creed, and a new Battlefield to name a few. However, Sony dropped in a new piece of hardware that could be a monster game-changer. On Tuesday June 10, Sony announced the new PlayStation TV.

PS TVPlayStation TV has already been on sale in Japan for some time, under the name PlayStation Vita TV. Essentially, this new piece of hardware falls somewhere in-between an Ouya and a Roku. Among the features, the PlayStation TV includes:

  • PlayStation 4 remote play: As with PS Vita, PS TV supports PS4 remote play and Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK 3 or DUALSHOCK 4). This will allow PS4 owners in the living room to continue playing a game on a PS TV system in their bedroom. You can also enjoy most of your PS4 games on PS TV as if you were playing it on your PS4 system*.
  • PlayStation Now: Once PlayStation Now is rolled out across the PAL region, PS TV users will be able to comfortably enjoy PlayStation 3 games via streaming.
  • A vast line-up of software titles: PS TV offers a huge library of PS Vita*, PSP and classic PS One titles. You’ll be able to enjoy all of these titles using a DUALSHOCK 3 or DUALSHOCK 4 controller.1


Image via CNET

Image via CNET

With the PlayStation TV coming in at $99, it has a huge opportunity to take over the microconsole market. It will be interesting to see if this new device prompts any changes in the Ouya.

  1. PlaysStation Blog, “Introducing PlayStation TV,” 11 June 2014