Grand Theft Auto Now Available For Amazon Device Users

(photo: When Amazon released their Amazon Fire TV back in April they promised the one of a kind set top box, would be just that, one of a kind. With the power of the world's largest e-commerce site behind it, Amazon promised unique content would come to the Amazon Fire TV and [...]

Amazon Goes After Sams Club With New Prime Pantry Service

On Wednesday, April 23, Amazon launched a new service aimed at competing directly with Sams Club, Costco, and other wholesales. The new service, Amazon Prime Pantry, allows Prime members to shop for popular household items in a wide range of categories. This new service has been long rumored. The new service offers Prime members, "exclusive access [...]

Amazon The First Streaming Service to License HBO content

On Tuesday, Amazon announced that they had reached content licensing agreement with HBO. The licencing agreement will give Amazon Prime members access to a massive collection of HBO original programming. HBO content will become available for Prime subscribers beginning May 21, and will include access to: All seasons of revered classics such as The Sopranos, The Wire, Deadwood, Rome and Six Feet [...]

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Amazon Makes A Bigger Bet On Games Than We Previously Thought

(photo: Amazon released the Amazon Fire set top box and video game controller yesterday. There were mixed reviews of the new device, but most of them were positive. It was no secret that Amazon was planning a set top box. They are making a big hardware push to compliment their media offerings. [...]

Amazon Releases New Fire Set Top Box & Game Controller

(photo: The rumors have been fast and furious over the last few months. One thing we knew for sure was that with Amazon's video delivery service and other media services they were planing a new set top box. This morning they released the Amazon Fire set top box and game controllers at [...]

So You’re Just Not Going To Spend Another $99 On Amazon Prime?

If you've been cowering at the thought of paying an extra $20 per year for Amazon Prime services and you refuse to give Amazon another $20 of your money than you may be in luck. As anticipated, Amazon announced earlier this week that Prime memberships would cost an additional $20 per year effective April 18th. [...]

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Amazon Ups Prime Cost to $99/Year

On Thursday, Amazon confirmed the speculation, and announced that they would be increasing the cost of Amazon Prime by $20 to $99/year. While some had speculated as much as a $40 increase, 20 bucks is all it amounted to.

Amazon Is Working on Streaming Music Too

We just told you that iTunes Radio as a standalone app is about to make the music streaming space more crowded. Well according to the Wall Street Journal, it is about to get even more crowded. According to the report, Amazon, "is hoping to offer an on-demand music-streaming service to customers of its Amazon Prime program, but it may limit how much a person can listen to any given song, according to people familiar with the matter."

Netflix To Focus On Home Delivery Again With Drones, LOL

Jeff Bezos is obviously an intelligent man. He created Amazon which is by leaps and bounds the largest e-commerce site in the world. Amazon has changed several industries and revitalized delivery services globally. Bezos has also invested in several successful startups and personally bought the Washington Post in hopes to turn the newspaper around. That's [...]

Amazon Says Happy Valentine’s Day With Discounts On The Entire Kindle Fire Line

For some people chocolates and flowers just won't do. Sometimes tech geeks just want tech stuff for the popular Hallmark holiday that falls at the end of this week. Amazon has answered the call for those techno loving people with tech loving Valentine's. Nothing says I love you like the new Kindle Fire HDX right? [...]