Ear-O-Smart: Fitness Tracking Earrings

As we have noted several times, the wearable market is pretty saturated. There are a few different reasons for this, but as of yet, there has yet to be any real solidly defined market. The market is still working itself out. That said, we just came across a new type of health wearable: the Ear-O-Smart: [...]

Seniors Will Get Happy About BigHappyInbox

While Gen X and all the younger generations have had email their entire lives, Baby Boomers and older generations have not. Sure some of the baby boomer generation are familiar with good ole IBM desktops, Prodigy and AOL, and some may even be used to the newest trends in email, many seniors get intimidated by [...]

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ZenCam The Disposable Camera For Today’s Photographer

There is no question that we are living in the most photographed age ever. Just about every new smartphone has a camera capable of taking incredibly detailed photos. With these advancements, however, photography has lost something. It used to be - way back when I was a kid - that you had to be very [...]

TorrX: A Smart Ball Pump

As anyone who has ever pumped up any sort of sports ball can tell you, it is pretty hard to get it exactly right. It is easy to over or under inflate, but hard to hit it right on the head. We just came across a new Kickstarter Campaign that looks to solve this problem [...]

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Zumby: Trick Your Dog into Better Dental Health

All but one of the TechFaster team has at least one dog. Heck, a few of us have more than two. That said, we are always on the lookout for cool and interesting dog-based technologies. We just came across a pretty interesting new crowdfunding campaign that falls right in line with this, Zumby: The Zumby [...]

ReelJuice Is The Real Deal When It Comes To Portable Chargers

It seems everywhere you turn you can find some new kind of portable charger designed to charge your phone or tablet on the go. Some chargers hold an insane amount of juice while others have features like the ability to plug into the wall, or fit in your pocket. Well it seems that a company [...]

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Eva Smart Shower Device

As we have said many times before, and as you have no doubt noticed, there are a ton of different "smart" products out there. A majority of these products, even if only a slight majority, are frivolous and not really useful. Of the useful minority of products, there is an even smaller number of products [...]

Fizzly: Easily Customizable, Creative, Fun, Smart Tag

If you were to sit down and map out all of the potential uses for smart tags your head would be spinning. There's probably an infinite amount of ways you can use any of the smart tags that are on the market today or coming on the market soon by way of Indiegogo or Kickstarter. [...]

Point: A Less Intrusive Take on Home Security

There are a ton of different smart home and connected home and internet of things devices out there. The problem is, a lot of these devices have a pretty rigorous set up and involve a large amount of work. Sure, there are a few simple ones out there, but most of these devices are simple, [...]

LockBot Brings Easy Peace Of Mind For The Sharing Economy

There are over one million private rooms, residences, apartments, condos and houses available via sharing economy websites like AirBnB and Home Away. This has created a new way of doing business and a new lifestyle for many. People who never in a million years thought they would be "landlords" are now renting their properties on [...]