Smart Homes Are Getting Smarter Thanks To Things Like Moxi

You just gotta love MoXi right? Moxie is about having determination, nerve or chutzpah as my grandmother called it. That's why it's the perfect name for the latest product by Xetal that will truly change the smart home, by making it smarter. The way it should be. The people at Xetal, the creators of MoXi, [...]

ENDcrowd: Crowdfunding for A Cause

  There are a ton of different crowdfunding websites out there. The majority of these fall in line with Kickstarter and Indiegogo. However, there are a few that represent completely different areas. One such website is ENDcrowd. ENDcrowd is a platform that brings nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, for-profits and individuals together for a common cause. We had [...]

Rico Is Your Smarthome Companion That Used To Be Your Smartphone

MindHelix, the team behind the Sentinel security app has found a new way to make use or up-cycle your old smartphone right in your home. They've crafted a Smart Home control robot that uses an old smartphone as the brain and eyes. While smartphones could last years and years the average smartphone life for a [...]

Simple Easy Protection For Your Stuff: CoinGuard

CoinGuard Protect Your Stuff A really cool new product from Pilot Labs in San Diego California makes it incredibly easy to guard and protect just about anything, for any amount of time, in your home or office. The product is called CoinGuard and it consists of a coin sized sensor/beacon that interacts with it's own [...]

Whistl: The Smartphone Case That Can Save Lives

According to The Women's Center Inc, someone is sexually assaulted every two minutes. On college campuses, in downtown nightlife centric areas and even parks, that risk increases. There are many products out there now, and projects that have gone for crowdfunding, that addressed the need for a smart, mobile safety device but inherently opportunities were [...]

The Perfect Keyboard For The Editing Room

The latest editing software, whether you're talking about audio editing, movie editing or photo editing, all comes with a world of great shortcuts.  In fact more editors, and creatives use shortcuts rather than mouse/click actions, it just makes handling a project go that much faster. But there can be a problem with shortcuts. Editing rooms, [...]

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With PassZwype Your Finger Swype Is Your Password

Today, if you're like most people, you have to remember multiple passwords, pins and authentication codes on a variety of different devices. It seems that every time you turn around you're hearing about more and more data theft and security breakdown. It seems that with the technology available today, there could be a better way [...]

The Internet Of Things Comes To Your Feet With Universole

With the explosion of "the internet of things" we've seen so many different fitness trackers. We've seen wristbands for tennis players, joggers, baseball players and golfers. We've seen earbuds that act as fitness trackers and even devices that will track your swimming. Now, two entrepreneurs in Rhode Island, Daniel Xavier and Kyle McQueeney have taken [...]

Stylish, Sophisticated, Rugged Watch Heads To Production

The sophisticated, stylish and durable Rider's Watch by hunterhamony is heading into production now that they've surpassed their crowdfunding goal of $15,000. The fine time piece, featuring Swiss quartz movements, was originally created because Equestrian's didn't have their own watch. Watches have been created for a variety of other sports, but none had the sophisticated, [...]

Air Stand: An Awesome Universal Tablet Stand

A good tablet stand is hard to find. One of the biggest problems is narrowing down a decision. A quick search on Amazon for "Tablet Stand" brings up a whopping 937,451 results. Narrowing that down can be a pain. However, we may have just come across your best bet. This is the Air Stand, from NKMOS [...]