The Battery Vampire Could Save You Hundreds Of Dollars On AA Batteries

Battery Vampire Save Power It's a little known fact that when most people throw away alkaline batteries they still have half their power left inside of them. Couple that with the fact that billions and billions of batteries are thrown away every year and you have enough power to charge up over one billion iPhones [...]

This Is The Safest Way To Interact With Your Phone In The Car

DRIVE Hands Free There seems to be a big debate when it comes to using your phone in the car. People have been trying to develop the safest way to interact with a smartphone in the car outside of abstaining from using it at all. There have been devices that will only let you use [...]

Book Discovery Reinvented By Squirl

When you think media discovery you think aggregators, iTunes, Amazon etc. You may get info from one or two reviews websites and then by word of mouth. It seems that during the past few years, anything new with media discovery was just realigning API's from services currently available. Those new startups would get a "oh [...]

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reddit Launches Crowdfunding Platform: redditmade

On Wednesday, reddit - "The front page of the internet" - launched a new project, in hopes that it, "will enhance your experience on reddit, create stronger subreddit communities, allow redditors to collaborate and support each other, and empower redditors to make a difference."u/highshelfofsteam, r/modnews, "Announcing redditmade, a new way to celebrate your subreddit communities," [...]

BITalino: Hack Your Own Fitness Tracker

There are a ton of different health and fitness tracking devices available. These devices range from simple pedometers, to complex devices that track all sorts of fitness data. These devices are great and all, but if you want to track different data, or hack together your own device, there are not many options out there. That [...]

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For Love In The 21st Century, There’s Magnet

Let's face it, no matter what you actually believe, people are busier than they've ever been and they move 10x faster than they ever have. The generation of young adults out there now is the first substantial group of people who are part of the "multi-task" generation. It makes being in and sustaining a relationship [...]

Let Your Phone Warm Your Hands On Purpose With Embercase

If you remember back to 2011 when smartphones started to explode across the globe, sometimes they would literally explode in someone's pocket, in their hand or on their desks. These unintentional explosions often happened because smartphone batteries were over extending themselves and sometimes they would heat up and explode. This wasn't a good thing. Now [...]

Orfos Is Making The World Safer For Cyclists

Orfos Flare Whether you're a recreational cyclist or fancy yourself a semi-pro cyclist, cycling at night has always been tricky. There are a variety of bicycle light solutions out there but many of them are either too cumbersome, too bright or not bright enough. It's great to have a lot of light but if that [...]

Beluga Brings A Barber Quality Shave To Your Bathroom

John Biggs over at Techcrunch said it best, "there is absolutely nothing high-tech about this thing" but boy is it cool. Zac Wertz, a Cincinnati based entrepreneur, has decided he wants to bring back the quality of a single blade shave during the days of mach 5, super fast, big bladed razors or even razor [...]

Wemagin, Truly Private, Simple, Web Browsing

Just about everyone who uses the internet is looking for some kind of peace of mind when it comes to internet browsing privacy. Most of the web browsers available today have some kind of "incognito" mode, but they still leave a digital footprint on the computer. Whether you're looking at your personal bank account online [...]

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